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    From 5pm fri to 5pm sat, me and group of  4 other incredibly talented girls animated a a 30 sec film for the 24 hour animation contest. The theme was a quote from animal farm; “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.  This is the first year that my school (Cal State Fullerton) has participated. Due to technical errors we didn’t know that our submission hadn’t gone through until an hour after the deadline. I’m kinda disappointed since I’m very proud of our teamwork and what we accomplished in 24 hours, but I understand that deadlines are very important in the animation industry. Our teachers were also very supportive and worked with us to make this happen. So next year we’re coming for the gold and you can count on that!!!

    The other girls are 

    http://chanimations.tumblr.com/ (animator)

    http://michellehiraishi.tumblr.com/ (character design)

    kelsey suan (backgrounds)

    angela zhang (animator)

    This was my team’s entry for the 24 Hour Animation Contest!  Despite not placing, I still think we did an awesome job! :D

    A huuuuge thanks to Emily Oeztell for inviting me to join in the first place, she basically did a little bit of everything and did an amazing job at making sure everything flowed together and that we stayed on schedule.  Alicia Chan and Angela Zhang acted as the lead animators and they were so awesome, the animation really came together so well!  And Kelsey Suan drew all of the beautiful backgrounds, we were all blown away by what a gorgeous job she did.

    The rest of the entries can be viewed here: link

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    ~Separate post for Piers Cannon mutant arm problems, for your reference~

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    Older commission also knocked out last night. Thx friend.

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    a while back, i was invited by a friend to join an anthology by weekly writing workshop (3W), a college student-run organization that strives “to empower underprivileged students by strengthening their technical writing skills and creative expression through in-depth, individualized feedback”

    the anthology consists of over 30 stories, each by a different student writer; paired with an illustration, each by a different artist. i am happy to have been a part of this program that fosters a creative, inviting environment for students, and i wish 3W the best for the future!

    you can find out more information about 3W here and choose to be a part of their project here


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    The most appropriate use of a gif I’ve seen! :D

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    More animation stuff!

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    9/27 TSOOKIE

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