1. guldentusks:

    oh wow i forgot about this!

    for ‘piglet’ on sketch_dailies/twitter, from a few months ago

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  4. wislo:

    Time for my annual playthrough of Psychonauts! This time I’m playing the steam version I got on impulse two years ago. 

    …I don’t even have clairvoyance yet.

  5. ellenalsop:

    more magical girl twitter doodles

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    MountRoyalMint on Tumblr


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  9. ilyone:

    So out of the four or five I planned for, this is the only pic I had time to draw on this insanely frustrating day of bathroom catastrophe. Thanks for your encouragements guys !

    And yeah, this is Nico and Reyna marathoning Xena ;p (I actually don’t remember Xena that much but it seemed fitting)

    Reyna is a good strategist, so leave it to her not to make Nico promise to come back regularly but get him hooked on a story to be sure he’ll be back for more instead ;p